STEP 1 - Read through the 2017 Course Catalog.  Available for download here.

STEP 2 - Determine what courses you are interested in taking and which section of those courses best fits your schedule.

STEP 3 - Fill out and submit the application and registration forms below.

STEP 4 - Once received, the director of the academy will follow-up to schedule an in-person meeting.

If you have any questions or issues, please email or call 980-277-ARTS (2787).

2017 New Student Application
Student's Name *
Student's Name
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Student's Birthday
Address *
This is the address that will be used to determine Zone status and where In-Zone students will be picked up and dropped off.
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Parent/Guardian 1
Parent/Guardian 2
Parent/Guardian 2
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Parent/Guardian Primary Phone #
Parent/Guardian Secondary Phone #
Parent/Guardian Secondary Phone #
Student Phone # (if applicable)
Student Phone # (if applicable)
To be filled out by student
- Student application must be completed first, either digital (above) or paper copy. - In-Zone students, please note that while it is not required to take multiple courses, because of budget and transportation constraints, we must give preference to students who register for all three courses.
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Student Name
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