"... unfair access to the arts for our children brings consequences of major importance to our society." 


BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): If you're a low-income student pursuing a bachelor's degree, you're an exception to your cultural norm.  Engagement with the arts naturally break down barriers of fear, insecurity, and low confidence, helping students recognize and believe they are exceptional!



Problem 1: Generational Poverty - If you're born and raised in a low-income community, due to limited access and opportunities, the odds are against you be able to better your economic situation.

Solution 1: Bachelor Degree - In his research on social mobility at The Brookings Institute, Richard Reeves has discovered that low-income students who are able to earn their bachelor's degree have a 67% chance of reaching the middle-class or above.  

Problem 2: Fear, Insecurity, Unfamiliar Territory - On average, only about 25% of graduates from Title I high schools will even attempt a 4-year college by age 26.

Solution 2: THE ARTS! - According to extensive research done by U.C.L.A professor James Catterall, the arts are critical for empowering and equipping low-income students to successfully pursue a bachelor's degree.

His research found that low-income students who both have the access and choose to engage the arts... 

  • Earn better grades in ALL subjects
  • Score higher on standardized tests
  • Are 3x more likely to stay in school
  • Are 2x more likely to attempt a 4-year college
  • Are 3x more likely to earn their bachelor's degree