2016.03.23 - Roots

After my experience that fateful Friday evening, most major life decisions were filtered through the lens of working towards bringing art to the low-income population.  It was about this same time that was hired on as the Director of Student Ministry at my church.  I did this for about 4 years, after which I felt distinctly called out of the position.  I felt God tell me that the season of vocational student ministry was over.

I pursued a couple careers: firefighting, teaching.  I even entertained ideas of entrepreneurship.  But, behind each idea and pursuit was the sense that it would eventually be a means to an end - another step on the journey towards launching an art academy.  

And so, I entered the summer of 2015 unemployed, knowing where I wanted to get to, but unsure of how to get there.  Did I just find a random job and begin saving?  Did I try to launch a business, with intent of having it one day fund the academy?  Did I just launch the thing and build the bridge as I walked across it? 

These are the questions that churned in my brain as I sought to answer the question: "What next?"  It was about this time that my wife, who was far from a passive spectator in all this, stumbled upon an after-school program.  They were serving low-income students.  They were "arts-based."  Could this be the perfect fit?  I would soon find out.